Things UK Real Estate Agents Take Into Account When Doing A House Visit

Real estate agents often have to visit a house before it is put on the market. They are looking at everything in order to determine its value and what needs to be done in order for it to sell quickly. Furniture can help to style your home and can greatly affect the value. For example, a garden corner sofa dining set can make the house more appealing to buyers as it offers an appealing outdoor lifestyle, which is especially important in the summer months.

Other things that estate agents consider when they're valuing a property include: 

Style and Quality of Interior Decorating

Whether the property is in need of a makeover or has been well-maintained. Neutral decor can also make a house appealing to more potential buyers.

Condition of Exterior Surrounding the Property This may include:

Whether the exterior is well-maintained and in good condition.Condition of RoofExistence of a Garden and How Well It Is MaintainedCondition of Driveway and Garage 

Selling Prices of Property in the Neighbourhood

It is to fully understand the market in order to list the property at a price that's appealing to buyers and will make the maximum profit for the sellers at the same time.

Real estate agents have plenty of knowledge about what similar properties in the area have sold for and so can suggest the best listing price to attract buyers in your price range.

Assessing Damage Such as Mould and Water Damage

Problems like leaks, mould, or rising damp can seriously affect the value of a property. 
Most potential buyers will carry out a detailed survey to check for these problems before they buy but estate agents will also keep an eye out for any obvious issues.

It's usually best to sort out any obvious damage before listing a property for sale. If not, be prepared to lower your asking price accordingly.
Location of the House

This is an obvious one but location can be a big factor in the value of any property.

The price of properties varies from region to region so it's important for estate agents to research what the average selling prices are where they live. They should then suggest listings at that price point or lower if necessary, depending on the condition of the property.
Location also matters on a much smaller scale. For example, houses on a very busy road that has a lot of noise and traffic may not be as appealing to buyers as those in quieter areas.

Proximity to schools, public transport links, and other local amenities are all important considerations.

Security and Noise Considerations

Most potential buyers will look for a property with good security features, so it's important to encourage this in your description. 
Similarly, insulation from noise is often an issue when people buy houses but if the house has noisy neighbours or is situated near heavy traffic, it may not be worth mentioning as this will only put off potential buyers.

Your real estate agent will also take note of the existence of trees or hedges that give privacy and block views into the property from neighbouring houses.